Upcoming events

    • 15 Jul 2023
    • 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM (EDT)
    • Jerry Johnson's Schoolhouse Home in Albany, Vermont

    Just mark your calendar. The details are still being hammered out. But this is one of the League's biennial events that you don't want to miss.

    In the earliest days of the League, programs for the members centered around gathering to share ideas and to spend time together. In 2015, in efforts to build a stronger community and bring LVW back to "its roots," a special summer program planning committee worked to orchestrate a day-long retreat that paid homage to LVW members while still being open to the public. Purposefully named ‘Into the Words,’ playing off the hit-musical and movie "Into the Woods," the planning committee wanted to create that feeling of getting lost in the thing that you love (words) with others who love the same thing (writers).